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Round Mango Papaya Bath Bomb

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Round Mango Papaya Bath Bomb

Round Mango Papaya Bath Bombs are 4 ounces each and colored in yellow and orange layers.

Mango Papaya is the amazing blend of beautifully ripened mangos paired with juicy papayas. Close your eyes while you're relaxing in a warm bath and it will put you on a tropical paradise!

Run a warm bath and enjoy the relaxation that bath bombs provide. Watch them fizz and release the wonderful ingredients and color. You will get out of the bath feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Ingredients: Baking soda, Citric Acid, Coconut Oil, Epsom Salt, Corn Starch, Bentonite Clay, Isopropyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Red 40, Yellow 5.

Never tested on animals!
Naturally based
FDA Certified colorant
Skin Safe Fragrances

Please keep away from pets, children, or anyone with a sweet tooth.
Please use caution on exiting the tub as the oils may make the bottom of your tub slippery.
All of our bath bombs are colored using FDA certified colorant. Our bath bombs are skin and tub safe.

*While I strive to make each bath bomb look exactly the same, color may differ slightly. They are all made in small batches, and hand pressed personally by me.

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